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Velo Cast review radical eco-friendly Velorbis Mobii


Thanks to our friends at Velo Cast for this great review of our Velorbis Mobii trike, following a test ride around Scotland.

«Heads do turn, and they follow you as you glide past; expressions of intrigue and amusement drawn in equal measure. As you park it up on the high street, brave members of the general public will take the opportunity to ask; «What is it?», «Where does it come from?» and, most interestingly, «Where can I get one?»

Velo Cast hit on the fundamental element of the Mobii tricycle concept. Velorbis Mobii isn’t simply a replacement for a bicycle; it should be equated on the same lines as a small car in terms of functionality, purpose and cost – a real carbon conscious alternative for fun family transport or handy cargo deliveries.

Scott from Velo Cast says:  «The Velorbis Mobii is tailor made for those people that genuinely want to ‘walk-the-eco-walk’ (or should that be pedal?!)…Be radical; drive a Mobii.»

Read the Velorbis Mobii review on Velo Cast and see other news/podcasts from this blog dedicated to all forms of cycling. 


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